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Have You Ever Felt...

  • Overwhelmed by the sheer number of grape varieties, regions, styles, and producers that exist and unsure how to weed through them all to find ones that suit your personal preferences
  • Daunted by the complexities of trying to pair your food and wine especially when navigating more complex flavors and textures
  • Wishing you knew how the bottle would taste before you buy it
  • Overwhelmed by the amount of information to absorb and the difficulty in navigating the wine landscape
  • Frustrated that wines can cost so much and unsure whether the more expensive ones are actually better
  • Intimidated to engage with a Sommelier or someone knowledgeable about wine because they know more than you
  • Unsure whether a bottle had a flaw or not and what you can and should do about it
  • Daunted by the myriad of wine terms, tasting notes, and other wine descriptors
  • Frustrated by the inability to articulate your wine preferences to a restaurant or store Sommelier
  • Confused by the wine descriptions on the back of a bottle and how they translate to the taste in your glass
  • Unsure what wine ratings actually mean and how they should or should not affect your wine purchases

What If You Could...

  • Feel confident every time you walk into a wine shop or get ready to order at a restaurant 
  • Be the go-to expert among your group of friends and the one who is always looked to to pick the bottle for the evening
  • Know how to perfectly pair in every situation by understanding how the flavors and characteristics interact so that you can enhance every dining experience
  • Discover new favorites from around the world as you master the unique varieties, characteristics, and qualities of wines from wine regions across the globe
  • Expand your vocabulary and understanding of wine terminology so that you can communicate your preferences more effectively
  • Explore new and exciting wines as you taste lesser known grape varieties to find new favorites, learn to buy great bang for the buck wines, and make more informed choices
  • Master how to taste wine like a pro to open up a world in each glass you never knew existed
  • Meet the people behind the wine and learn directly from them
  • Understand how to observe the color, swirl and sniff to evaluate aromas, and assess the taste and mouthfeel to get the most out of every glass
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the winemaking process, from vineyard management and grape harvesting to fermentation and aging in such a way that empowers you to buy for your palate preferences
  • Familiarize yourself with wine evaluation and rating systems and how to use them to your benefit when buying wines
  • Understand exactly what you need to know about storing and aging wine to benefit you for years to come
  • Stay in the know on emerging wine trends, such as new grape varieties, innovative winemaking techniques, or regions gaining recognition

Well, Now You Can!

Introducing DECANTED

DECANTED Membership


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  • Join Exclusive, Member-Only Wine Classes each month that will give you access to some of the most fascinating leaders in wine, add to your breadth of knowledge of varietals in a way that builds your repertoire, and empower you to master the complexities of pairing including sides, sauces and challenging foods. Classes are always recorded in case you can't make it live or want to rewatch the class
  • Dive deep into new grape varieties each month with your exclusive SommSelections where you learn all about two grapes you should be drinking now including how to pair them and top producers to seek out
  • Join Member-Only Happy Hours so you can share a great glass of wine with new friends from around the country
  • Receive Unlimited, On-Demand access to SommSchool's most popular "Your Confident Foundation" Master Class Series to hone your skills

  • Be a part of Community of Wine Lovers from around the country learning, laughing, and confidently raising their glasses together both during live online events and in our private Community Forum

  • Get Exclusive Access to Custom Curation and let your personal Sommelier hand-select your wines combining your palate preferences and her depth of knowledge to find you new favorites you'll reach for again and again

  • Receive a 10% Member Discount off any public or private class booking so you never miss an opportunity to learn more

  • Get Early Bird access to upcoming retreats and room upgrades before they sell out

  • Get ready to be delighted along the way with Surprise Bonuses

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Upcoming DECANTED Hours:

May 18th: The Magic of Old Wines
June 1st: Taste the #1 Wine of the Year with the Person Who Made It:
an Exclusive Evening with Duckhorn Vineyards Winemaker Sarah Zineski
June 23rd: Summer Happy Hour
July 22nd: Deep Dive into Rioja
August 3rd: Insider Know-how for Traveling to Wine Country: An Exclusive Evening with Napa's Premier Travel Guide


September 1st: How to Pair Perfectly with Barbeque


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" I've begun loving more and more wines than I ever thought possible, & I've gotten to connect with other wine aficionados all across the country. "

- Ryan, South Carolina


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Be a part of a community of wine lovers, learning, laughing, and Confidently Raising Our Glasses together.  

DECANTED will open a whole new experience of wine to you no matter where you are on your journey.  

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