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Ever wondered if the latest and greatest wine gadget was actually necessary? I’ve sorted through them to save you time and money.
Here are my favorite things every wine loving household needs and none of the gadgets you don’t.
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Wine Glasses

Save your money on all the trendy wine gadgets and instead buy some high-quality wine glasses.

A good wine glass is one of the most important aspects of experiencing a wine and is well worth the investment.

Comprehensive Set





Pinot Noir


Sauvignon Blanc




The Only Two Bottle Closure Styles You Need


All Other Wines

For All Your Wine Stains

Wine Away

The Only Types of Bottle Openers You Need

Your Main Corkscrew

When You Only Want One Glass



For Old Bottles

The Only Type of Aeration You Need

Wine Decanter

Two Must Have Wine Reference Books

The Wine Bible

Wine Folly

To Take Wine on the Go

For Hiking

Single Bottle Flying

Multi Bottle Flying

Shatter Proof Travel Wine Glasses

To Pick Out Aromas in Wine

Circle Chart

To Store Your Wine

Wine Refrigerator

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